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Project Description
The Bitmap Font Maker Utility for Game Studio Express programs with added features.

This is the new Utility Microsoft released to make the bitmap files needed for text drawing. I really haven't found a graphic program yet that can open correctly the ones this makes preserving the alpha channel. So I added the capabilities I needed to it.

With this version you can add outlining and drop shadows to the font.


Select the font just like you would with the Microsoft version. Then if you want it outlined, set the outline size to the size in pixels to draw the outline. Note that this will make the font larger as it is outlined outside the characters. You can also select the color it will outline in by clicking on the color. The color chooser will open, select a color and close the color chooser.


If you want a drop shadow set the Offset to the amount in pixels you want the shadow offset from the original text. For example a value of 2 will draw a shadow 2 pixels down and two pixels right. You can select the color the same way as you do for outlining. You can also set the alpha amount. This determines how translucent the shadow will be. Values can range from 0 to 255 with 0 being invisible to 255 being completely solid.


Export the bitmap and then use it in your game just like the Microsoft version. If you use Shadowing and/or Outlining you will want to change the spacing of the SpriteFont object after loading the font to make up for the extra space the shadow and/or outline take. Just subtract from the spacing whichever is higher, the offset for the shadow or the outling size.

This is the first version. I may add additional feature later if I find I need and/or want any. Have fun;)


Do with it as you wish but obey Microsofts License for their code. It doesn't contain any rocket science.

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